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SharePoint Conference 2012

Code from the demos presented at the SharePoint Conference 2012 in Las Vegas can be downloaded from the "Source Code" tab an is located in the 2013 folder.

Project Description
SharePoint Search Parts aims to provide new and extended web parts for SharePoint which will enhance your current search solutions.

Due to lack of testing and brief documentation I'm categorizing the project as alpha at the moment. Any and all feedback is welcome in order to fix potential bugs.

This web part replaces the Core Results. It has two query modes:

  • kql - SharePoint Query Language (allows fql by typing fql: at the beginning of the query)
  • fql - Type FAST Query Language directly into the search box

You will most likely set it to kql mode in order for user to search like they are used to.


  • synonym support per word or phrase (in kql mode)
  • boost original query over synonyms
  • full wildcard support - ? and *
  • supports text, int and datetime managed properties
  • scopes created with fql syntax
  • support best bets/visual best bets for single words not having synonyms
  • Best Bet Web Part with partial mathing

The built-in synonym expansion is term based, meaning if you have a synonym "red->green" and searches for "red car", it will not be expanded. This is fixed in the fql core result web part. The web part uses the same list as the built-in one.

Default wildcard support is * at the end of a word. Fql supports wildcard characters at any position in a word. Examples: micro?oft, micro*t

KQL support included:

ANY() ALL() NONE() AND OR NOT < > = <= >= propery:value propery:"value value2"


  • proper unit tests
  • better documentation
  • more tests on queries
  • contextual scopes
  • scopes created with kql syntax
  • support synonyms for oob search
  • support best bets/visual best bets for all queries


If you find this project useful, feel free to donate - PayPal Donations

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